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UPCOMING EXHIBITION  Nov 09, 2019  "Homissage #2 - Repetitio"

Please get in contact for further information on my upcoming exhibition Homissage #2 - Repetitio

on 9th November 2019 in Vienna's 7th district.

I'll be showing new works including freshhh Matière-paintings as well as a selection of six portraits

of my new series "G-BITTE". In addition there will be the occasion to see my latest photographic project.

Sept 29, 2019  "Could not finish painting -  had to (...)" @ Parallel Vienna

Thank you Kunstraum SUPER !

Jan 01, 2019  Endless Walk

I don't know if any of you have heard about it yet but according to leading historians 2019 will be the greatest year in human history!

Nov 18, 2018  Al-Tiba 9 Art Magazine Issue #2 - OUT NOW!

Some of my works from the Matières series are published in Barcelona based Al-Tiba 9 Art Magazine, Issue #2.

You can download a copy on www.altiba9.com. In addition there is an exclusive interview where I'm talking about my artistic intentions, current projects and the idea of recording time.

Nov 15, 2018  Average Art Magazine 28

New works of the series Matières are going to be published on the november edition of Average Art Magazine.

You can pre-order a copy here:




Nov 13, 2018  Al-Tiba 9 Art Magazine Issue #2

Matière | About the recording of time   ---    INTERVIEW   ---

Jan 01, 2018  Endless Shit

I don't know if any of you have heard about it yet but according to leading historians 2018 will be the greatest year in human history!

Nov 04, 2017  6pm | Finissage "punkt strich gedærm"

                                       ***************************************************** 7PM  LIVE PERFORMANCE *********************************************************
                                       ****************************************** 9PM  ELECTRONIC SOUNDS BY SUBTOPOS  *******************************************

Zum Abschluss der Ausstellung punkt strich gedærm laden space stilage, Anton Lefabi und Subtopos am Samstag, 04.11.2017 ab 18h zur abendlich-nächtlichen Finissage! Dabei wollen wir kollektiv loslassen, ein letztes Mal schwarz sehen und uns je nach Lust und Laune auf verschiedenste Art und Weise in die Kurzzeit-Versenkung schiessen...

Looking forward to welcoming you on Nov 4th at space stilage, Salzgries 21, 1010 Vienna.

"Vor dem Schiss kommt gelegentlich (noch kurz) ein Schas!"  Österreichische Volksweisheit

Oct 14 - Nov 05, 2017  EXHIBITION punkt strich gedærm OPEN NOW

My second solo exhibition with space stilage is open now and runs till 5th november @ space stilage, Salzgries 21, 1010 Vienna.

I will be present during the opening hours and would be happy to welcome you and have a nice talk about nothing less than the shittiness of the current geopolitical situation.

Open on fridays, saturdays and sundays from 11am to 7pm!

(and on appointment)

Oct 13, 2017  6pm |  Vernissage "punkt strich gedærm", Vienna

I am pleased to announce punkt strich gedærm, my upcoming solo show at space stilage, Vienna.

See you at the opening on October 13th, 6pm @ space stilage, Salzgries 21, 1010 Vienna.

Aug 30, 2017  |  Q&A |  Biennial of Humour and Satire in Art, Gabrovo

Антон Лефаби – Австрия
Anton Lefabi – Austria

What is the role of humour and satire in your work?

When facing crisis or dire situations, rather than turning to pessimism, despair and self-pity, I prefer creating satiric or ironic alternatives. Humour and satire enable me to withdraw the severity of a situation or a subject, while at the same time sensitizing people to it. In a certain way I try to hi-jack the weight of heaviness. The viewer is challenged but also tested by the absurdity of the work's message. If a work triggers the borderlining mix of a "WTF- lol -WTF- lol"-emotion, it's because the intention is always to heighten the awareness about a subject matter and to raise questions about our own attitude towards it. Why can I laugh while playing with waggling and collapsing World-Trade-Center models? And what does it mean if I can not?













Is there anything you would like to share about the work you take part with in the Biennial – a story, how you came round to make it, reactions by viewers?

"My Favourite Strange Game" is an interactive artwork based on the famous parlor game “Jenga”. It offers a playful way for all kids born after 9/11 to deal with the destruction of the World Trade Center twin towers. Before starting to play you have to build up the towers by placing block over block. This preparation process takes some time and has to be done very carefully. The final stacked towers are highly wobbling. Now you can play. By trying to pull out the first wooden block, normally everything collapses. You won (if you played the terrorist) and the game is over. Therefore it’s an extremely satisfying game, because you instantly win all the time. At the other hand you actually never really start to play… You are constantly either reconstructing, or destroying. An instructive way to learn about the instability of our world?

Can you mention an artist you like who uses humour in her/his work or a favourite work of art making use of humour?

I am an admirer of Sigmar Polke and Martin Kippenberger.

Mai 19, 2017  |  Opening of the 23rd International Biennial of Humour and Satire in Art

I am delighted to invite you to the opening of the 23rd International Biennial of

Humour and Satire in Art, taking place in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. I am contributing

with the work My Favourite Strange Game, offering young visitors aged 9 to 11

to get actively involved in the bittersweet destruction process by playing with

the twin sculptures.

 The new Biennial website allows you to get acquainted with all works selected to be shown in the exhibition including

annotations to them.


Feb 23, 2017  |  Become a Bruchteil-LeibeignerIn now

5 months ago Philipp Stern, Hunterspeak and I transformed the Twin-Tower sculptures into sawn pieces to be shared. At the moment we count 21 people who own one piece each - and constitute the exquisite "Leibeigner"-group. If you like to become a member and join this semi-secret group: there are still some pieces left to acquire!

Simply contact me via mail by telling me the free-to-choose donating amount and get your own "Bruchteil" in exchange.

Oct 02, 2016  |  Finissage "tic toc tic toc"

Today is the last day of my first solo-exhibition "tic toc tic toc", which i.a. deals with the subject of 9/11. From 3-7pm there will -once again- be the occasion to discuss and reflect on falling towers, empathy, inside-jokes, PU-foam as well as Allah, the world and his brother.

For your better digestion, drinks, sweets and popcorn will be served!

See you today @ Salzgries 21, 1010 Vienna.

Sept 23, 2016  |  Midissage "tic toc tic toc"

At 8pm I will attack the twin towers in a clerical ritual by performing together with Philipp Stern and Hunterspeak!

Here is tonight's program:
6 pm: entry, artist-meet-up and wine tasting
7 pm: Guided exhibition tours with expert David Djabbari
8 pm: "Der Leib XY"-performance with Anton Lefabi, Philipp Stern and Hunterspeak
9 pm: Engagement, Engagement, Engagement!

Stop by at Salzgries 21, 1010 Vienna.

Sept 11, 2016  |  Vernissage "tic toc tic toc" at space stilage + Kreuztour Performance

Entry Performance: 11.9.2016, 12:00, Salzgries 21

Vernissage: 11.9.2016, 14:00-18:00

Midissage: 23.9.2016, 18:00-22:00

Finissage: 02.10.2016, 15:00-19:00

Zur feierlichen Eröffnung des space stilage erkunden wir in der Einzelausstellung "tic toc tic toc" von Anton Lefabi ab dem 11.9. den schmalen Grat zwischen Gedenken / Zweifel und Gleichgültigkeit / Obsession in Bezug auf 9/11.

In "tic toc tic toc" wird der Versuch der Annäherung an das heute noch Unfassbare, aber auch das vergebliche Unternehmen, dieses Ereignis, welches sich heuer zum 15. Mal jährt, zu begreifen, in vielfältiger Form sichtbar. Dabei stehen Wiederholung, Maßstab und Proportion in Kombination mit der Vergänglichkeit von Zeit im Mittelpunkt.

Die gezeigten Arbeiten umfassen skulpturale Objekte, Zeichnungen, Gemälde sowie raumgreifende Installationen und Performances.